Monday, November 1, 2010

Tarek Fatah

We heard Tarek Fatah speak last night and bought a copy of his new book, The Jew Is Not My Enemy. He's a great, powerful speaker, with the courage to speak his mind regardless of whether it fits with anyone else's party line. I'm looking forward to finishing the book as fast as I can.


Loga'Abdullah said...

I reviewed Tarek Fatah's book, Chasing a Mirage (2008), here. I think you'll find it interesting.

It is valuable for us to look at all sorts of opinions, and it is also vital to know when information if factual or falsehood.

JRKmommy said...

Thanks for your comment.

If you get a chance to read this new book, I'd be interested in your opinion, since I am not an expert on either the Quran or the Hadith.


1. What does the Quran say about Jews?
2. Are there current translations that insert in references to Jews that don't exist in the original text?
3. How authoritative are the Hadith writings for Muslims?
4. What does the Hadith say about Jews?

I'm still making my way through the book, so I'll add questions as they come up.