Friday, October 8, 2010

Doing away with the abortion debate: a common sense approach

At Just One Life, there's no anti-abortion propaganda, no cajoling. There are only questions about what the family needs in order to feel comfortable raising a new baby. Sometimes it's just a matter of money. Other times, they need services, counseling or other kinds of assistance, said Rabbi Martin Katz, the group's New York-based director.

from here:

This seems like it would be the perfectly obvious approach to take.

Pro-choice and pro-life are not oppposites.

Take the enormous effort and resources that go into the "great abortion debate", especially in the United States, and redirect them by simply asking women considering abortion what they really need. In other words, give them a real CHOICE so that they are in a position to choose LIFE.

Anyone willing this instead of engaging in endless battles and protests and demonizing?

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